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The following links and information are provided to assist Palo customers with their stamp collecting interests and to extend knowledge and alternatives for your decision making process. Please let us know if this page has helped.


With nearly 44,000+ members in more than 110 countries, the APS is the largest, nonprofit society in the world for stamp collectors. The Society offers a number of services and educational opportunities to broaden your personal collection and enhance your special collecting interests.
AMERICAN STAMP DEALERS ASSOCIATION   www.americanstampdealer.com
The American Stamp Dealers Association is a professional organization serving philately since 1914. It is dedicated to promoting integrity, honesty and reliability.
AMERICAN TOPICAL ASSOCIATION   www.americantopicalassn.org
Organized in 1949, the ATA has over 56 years of service to its members. It is the best source of information, fellowship and authority in the topical stamp collecting field.


A monthly magazine mailed to all members of the American Philatelic Society. Features extensive articles on stamp collecting and rarities.
MRI BANKER'S GUIDE  mriguide.com
A comprehensive guide for worldwide bank notes. Updated quarterly, this guide documents virtually everything you need to know about foreign currency.
MEKEEL'S & STAMPS   www.stampnewsnow.com
Weekly magazine with current news and articles. Good editor and publisher commentaries.
SCOTT STAMP MONTHLY   www.linns.com
Monthly magazine offering articles and updates to its world renown catalogs.
TOPICAL TIME   www.americantopicalassn.org
A monthly magazine mailed to the American Topical Association members. Features articles and chapter activity relating to Topical collecting.


DAVO ALBUMS   www.davo.nl
Located in the Netherlands, Davo has more than 60 countries and territories of high quality albums.
EDIFIL   www.edifil.es
A company in Spain that specializes in Spain and Spanish Colonies high-quality albums.
KABE   www.lighthouse.us
A division of Lighthouse Publications, Kabe offers a wide array of country albums.
LIGHTHOUSE   www.lighthouse.us
Since 1917, Lighthouse has developed into one of the leading companies in the world for philatelic albums and numismatic accessories.
SAFE   www.safepub.com
A leading German manufacturer of stamp albums and examining equipment. Comparable to Lindner, but fewer country offerings.
SCHAUBEK   www.schaubek.de
A German line of quality hingeless albums. Also has a good cross section of countries.
SCOTT PUBLISHING   www.amosadvantage.com/scottonline
The foremost authority of stamp catalogs. Also sells country non-hingeless stamp albums and other publications.


DELCAMPE   www.delcampe.net
If you can't find it here, you can't find it anywhere! Based in Belgium, you will generally deal with Euro currency and wait a long time for your purchases. But it's worth the wait, as you can find rare material at good prices. Deals only with collectibles.
EBAY www.ebay.com
Well known throughout the stamp industry, as well as all other types of consumer goods.
STAMP CIRCUIT www.stampcircuit.com
Another auction site that deals only with stamps.


ALBANY STAMPS   www.albanystamp.com
A good source for French area stamps.
BOMBAY PHILATELIC   www.bombaystamps.com
Bombay specializes in new issue service and recent year sets for just about every country in the world.
SARANTOPOULOS PHILATELICS   www.greekstampstore.com
Here is the best source for Greece and all Greek areas. If you don't see it here, email them and they can probably find it.
GUY SHAW STAMPS   www.guyshaw.com
Specializes in Latin American stamps.
LORAL STAMPS   www.russianstamps.com
A Russia area specialist.
Anything and everything for the hunting permit collector.
STERLING KINGBROOK AUCTIONS   www.sterlingkingbrookauctions.com
Typically offering smaller specialized lots with lower consignment fees.
WORLDSTAMPS.COM   www.worldstamps.com
A very comprehensive website that specializes in year sets for almost every country in the world. Year sets typically go as far back as the 1950's.


STAMP COLLECTING RESOURCES   www.homeadvisor.com/r/home-stamp-collecting-tips
A general page on the benefits of stamp collecting and links.