Coin Closeout Capsules

Choose coin capsules for your valuable coin collection. The special scratch-resistant surface offers maximum protection and a crystal clear view of the coin. 45 different sizes are available to hold coins from 14mm up to 50mm ∅. Each capsule has the mm size printed on the edge for easy reordering. Closeout products are not returnable.

Reference Chart for US Coins:

  • Pennies = 2250020P
  • Nickels = 2250215P
  • Dimes = 2250018P
  • Quarters = 2250245P
  • Half-Dollars = 2250031P
  • Sacagawea & Presidential Dollars = 2250027P
  • Liberty, Morgan & Eisenhower Dollars = 2250038P
  • Silver Eagle Dollar = 2250041P