Lindner Closeout Coin Boxes

Lindner coin boxes are practical, versatile, safe and attractive! Coin boxes are easy to handle; and with such vast options, they provide flexibility for every coin collector. Years of experience have helped to develop and improve this exceptional product line to satisfy the wishes of every coin collector and to provide individual storage solutions.

The unique stacking system allows you to select from over 80 different configurations to hold small and large coins, as well as capsules and coin holders. The plastic frame is scratch resistant to ensure long-term use and to maintain an attractive appearance. Closeout products are not returnable.

Three Styles of Coin Boxes:

  • Standard boxes have a light gray drawer with light red velour insert.
  • Smoked Glass boxes have a smoked glass appearance drawer and wine red velour insert.
  • Marine boxes have a light gray drawer with dark blue velour insert.

2 Depths:

  • Regular: ¾"
  • Double: 1 ¼"