Adjustable Flexi Inserts


Small coins, large coins, or coins in capsules—there are almost no limits with Flexi-System! Handling is simple and easy. This is an ideal system for coins and capsules of all sizes. Every capsule contains a red insert consisting of removable concentric rings. Multiple coin sizes can be kept in one coin box simply by removing the rings to accommodate the coin. Comes in two colors that match our coin display boxes and the velour lining. Sold in packs of 10.

  • 2236 & 2636 holds coins up to 45mm
  • 2237 & 2637 holds coins up to 62mm
  • 2236 fits coin box #2221
  • 2237 fits coin box #2213
  • 2636 fits coin box #2621
  • 2637 fits coin box #2612

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